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Common sense tips by someone who knows after 35 years of fishing, in what works and doesn't in the prawn trap building industry.

OK, lets talk about buying used commercial net mesh prawn traps! I just have to add this.

So, you see an add for some used commercial prawn traps. They cost around $40 or so, and you tell yourself that's a pretty good deal.

So you go and buy a few, set them and find out that you don't get a lot of prawns in them.


They don't sell the old traps just to buy some new ones, they sell them because the net mesh has stretched and is no longer keeping the prawns in the trap.

The mesh gets stretched, the webbing get loose, and they just don't fish like a new trap.


Set-up for one or two traps

 I would recommend clipping on a weight after the second trap about 10 to 15 feet away from it, before the line comes up from the bottom to the float. Even in areas where tidal movement is minimal, the traps can move if the wind is strong enough. The wind and waves start pushing on the float and eventually they start to float away. Also the weight stops the line and float from tugging on the trap, Prawns get scared when the trap moves and won’t go in it.

On steep ground I recommend setting only one trap per line, it is difficult to set 2 traps exactly on the depth you want them to be. You usually end up too deep or shallow, wasting time.

We set out the traps for about 30 to 45 minutes, then check them. If you only have a few Prawns in the trap, change location or depth. If you have 30 or 40 in the trap, just add a little more bait and put them back down for around 2 hours. With a Bauer Prawn Trap you will get 70 to 80% of your prawns in the first 2 hours or so.

Prawns will move around from day to day, or week to week. Just because you got lots one day doesn’t mean that they will be exactly at the same place or depth the next week. That’s why we check them after only a short period, it doesn’t matter what kind of trap you put out, if the prawns aren’t there, they’re not there.




Just a word from Bauer Sea Traps,

 Our wire mesh traps, with their unique entrances out produce the traditional commercial and sport cone shaped net mesh traps every time.

It takes a little more wire and time, to build these traps compared to other wire mesh traps with  steep entrances, You do not want a  trap with a steep entrance,

 it just doesn't work as well as a trap built the way we make ours.

Nor do you want a trap that uses plastic mesh tunnel, they do no stand the test of time, the sun makes plastic funnel entrances brittle and then they break apart.

Commercial Lobster fishermen use Aquamesh® wire for their traps. They get an average of 8 to 15 years or more, out of their traps.

The traps I build will last you a minimum of  15 years, and if there are any problems with the workmanship or materials used in the traps I build,

 Just bring them back to our shop, and I will fix, or replace them FREE of charge.

 I am proud of the traps I build, and I will not sell anything that is not made with the best material money can buy. I won't use junk China wire, just to make a buck or two!

I build every trap my self, I use only Stainless Steel hardware to assemble the traps. I use proper ring clinching tools, benders, and my traps do not scratch your boat!

Lately we are seeing knock-off traps being built locally, with wire from China. sold at lumber yards or on used somewhere

 (Before you spend money on these traps, think about where the wire is coming from, do you really want to spend money on this, it will fall apart in a year or two.

 For about the same price you can get a superior made and constructed trap, that will last way longer, and keep jobs at home.)

 All of the material I use to make our traps, comes from North America. Not from China, Italy, or some other country. We use only top quality shock cord,

made by Novatec Braids in Yarmouth N.S. Canada.  and Stainless Steel crimp rings from the US.

Many Trap builders advertise that they use Riverdale's Aquamesh® but some, even unknowingly are using  the China wire, sold to them as Aquamesh® by there supplier. 

We buy our wire from Riverdale in the US.

Word of mouth is the best advertising, every one that buys one or two of these traps comes back for more.

 They all sell there cone shaped net mesh traps on used everywhere, or to some other unsuspecting fisherman.


Quality is what you pay for!

And you only have to buy them once!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

     Bauer Sea Traps.