*** Because of Popular demand, our Crab Traps will be available at the beginning of November again!***

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BAUER SEA TRAPS are made in Sidney BC Canada

Prawn Traps, Shrimp Traps, Crab Traps,  Holding Cages,  Bait Cages

Commercial Prawn Traps & Sport Prawn and Crab Traps

 All our sport traps come with a  10 year warranty!

Riverdale's Aquamesh® trap wire is the standard of choice for use in commercial trap building today.

 Aquamesh's PVC coated, Galvanized After Welding (GAW)

construction offers the industry's best durability in the most relentless conditions.

We use only North American made products to build our Traps.

No junk wire from China. The quality and durability is just not there, in that stuff.

With the best quality PVC coated wire (Aquamesh®)  made in the USA, our wire Traps will not crack, rust or peel.

 East Coast Lobster Fishermen get an average trap life of 8 to 15 years.

 Constructed with all stainless steel fasteners, hand made quality guaranteed.

   Tested for over 15 years, our prawn traps with their unique entrance design and placement,

 out produce all the traditional cone shaped net mesh traps.

       More and more commercial prawn fishermen are using our wire mesh traps, because of their maintenance free construction,

saving thousands in replacement costs. There is no net mesh that gets ripped and stretched, rubber that breaks down, plastic that deteriorates in the sun.

Simply, The best constructed, most productive traps in the Pacific North West.

Our Traps are available at:

Pacific Net and Twine in Richmond BC

and Alberni Hyw. in Parksville BC

Home Hardware in Sidney BC

Harbour Chandler in Nanaimo BC


For Fishing Charters in Port Renfrew BC Click HERE


Yes, we are the builders of the original  BAUER Sea Traps.

                The quality constructed traps that have been built and proven

                                            over so many years.

Simply, The best constructed, most productive traps in the Pacific North West.


           All Bauer Traps have this Yellow Tag applied to them. If it does not have this Tag

                 it's probably a cheap knock off made with wire from China, and comes

                                                            with no warranty.